Another September, Another Storm

Six (school) days into the semester, and we are expecting Hurricane Isaac to begin to make his way across our path Wednesday night . According to NOAA's 5:00PM report, Isaac is still a Category 1 storm, and expected to remain as such as he moves over the Lesser Antilles. However, Hurricane Maria's miraculous transformation from a... Continue Reading →


Fourth Semester, Day One

This semester is going to be a tough one. There's no beating around the bush about that. No point in dusting it in a sugar coating or using flowery language. Fourth Semester is going to be tough. My courses this semester are: Clinical Pathology Pathology 2 Pharmacology Epidemiology Aquatic Medicine (!!!) In addition to those... Continue Reading →

Zoos Save Species: The Golden Lion Tamarin

Happy International Golden Lion Tamarin Day! As it happens, International Golden Lion Tamarin Day also falls on social media's beloved #ThrowbackThursday. This blog entry, in fact, started out as an Instagram post. As I curated the caption, I found myself running out of room. These amazing little monkeys deserve more than a caption on their... Continue Reading →

The View Isn’t Worth Throwing Up

One of the things I love the most about running is that each time I go out, it's a challenge. Sometimes that challenge is to run faster or longer than the last time. Sometimes, the challenge is simply putting on your shoes and getting out the door. Whatever that day's challenge, I enjoy it (or... Continue Reading →

Fear and Foundation

I have three abject fears. Number One:  [Falling from] Heights Number Two:  High Speeds (Crashing my car at--; Falling off a horse at--; being ejected from a rollercoaster at--; Being in a plane that goes down at--) Number Three:  [What lurks within] Pitch-Darkness I'd like to be clear that these fears are not phobias. They make me... Continue Reading →

Long Time, No Blog…

I don't know about other students (of any kind, not just of the veterinary variety), but I don't really make "New Year's Resolutions". I make New Semester's Resolutions. Working with goal timelines of 3-4 months is just so much less intimidating than the whole 12 at once. Not to say that New Semester's Resolutions aren't... Continue Reading →

Coming Up For Air

It has been quite the semester. Completely and totally different than I ever expected it to be. I certainly never expected to be sat at my desk 4 days before classes were set to start, sobbing to my mother about the impending Hurricane Irma and how badly I wanted to go home. The days leading... Continue Reading →

Star Lord

If my last post was any indication, I've been feeling a bit down and a bit distracted lately. As I mentioned, there have been some pretty strong bouts of homesickness. A great portion of this is due to my coming to the decision that I will not be bringing down the love of my life,... Continue Reading →

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